John Peter Writer

Mark My Words

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The Apprentice and the Familiar – a short story in instalments:

Dedication and synopsis

Chapter One – The Meeting

Chapter Two – The Ravens

Chapter Three -The First Hello

Chapter Four – New Friends

Chapter Five – The Witch’s Gaze

Chapter Six – Delta-Alpha-9

Chapter Seven – The Attack

Chapter Eight – Belly of the Beast

Chapter Nine -The Once and Future King

Chapter Ten – The Last Goodbye



Best Intentions

Billy No Mates

Life On a Tight Rope

Fly on the Wall

A Letter To My Friend

Brother Mine

The Blank Canvas

The Back of the Room

Saturday Nights

The Land Mine

The Sonnet of Isaac Newton

Feeling Ignored

Old Friend

My Only Friend

My Writer’s Truth. My Writer’s Curse.

The Cracks in the Mirror



Little Blue Box

Protected: How Was I Supposed To Know?


The Thing About – articles and thoughts:

Reading Literature – for STUDY or PLEASURE

Studying the Play – What’s the Problem?


Sexuality – It’s Complicated

Proofreading & Editing


Story Shots – a quick burst of fiction:

The Closet of Monsters

The Boy Who Would Not Run

A Bitter-Sweet Dream


Writing Prompts – short stories inspired by prompts:

Picture Prompt – The Midnight Lake

Quote Prompt -My Reflection

Song Prompt – Me, Myself and I

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