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My name is John Peter – translated into English. Originally I am half Brazilian, half Italian although I see myself as being British. I am 18 and have lived in London for about 16 years now (give-or-take a few).

When I was in primary school I was not the biggest reader, but more interested in the magic you find in books – for example, being transported into another world. Yet, I still didn’t really get into it. The one author I would always read however, without complaint, is Roald Dahl. Then in secondary school, I finally got it! I was opened up to millions of worlds and people in the pages of book brought to life by the imagination of the writer and myself as our minds worked together to create something beautiful.

Writing is a way for me to try do the same for other people. This blog is a way for me to not only share some of my writing, it’s a way for me to also try overcome the writer’s block I very regularly receive. So far I have found it to be successful in helping with me with my bigger projects that I will not be posting on this blog.

I am open to feedback, comments and criticism.

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If you wish to contact me, email me at

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