Song Prompt: Silhouette – Aquilo


Sweetly bitter and vile my throat burned like dragon fire. Oh, well. Shit happens, right?

So, here I am. Empty house, in my shoe box of a bedroom, sitting on my bed with my back against the bed like a tumour on a brain. Because that’s all I am in life, right? A tumour in the life of my fellow man.

“Why are you using a glass?” Myself asks, laying on the bed, his legs draped across mine.

“Wanna join?” I ask miserably, a drone in my voice. I down the last bit of the auburn liquor. “Burns like hell-fire, but it does the trick.”

“Doesn’t answer my question though, now does it?” Myself unscrews the lid from the dark bottle of whiskey and sat up slightly, pressing the rim of the bottle to his lips and tilting his head backwards. The liquor bubbled in the bottle as he gulped it down like a pro sounding like a train on the tracks. “So? Why the glass?”

I snatch the bottle from his greedy hands. “Might as well keep the last shred of dignity that I have left. Why? Do you disapprove?”

Myself chuckled as he lay back flat on the bed. “If I disapprove then you must do to. I am just a voice in your head after all. I mean, they left you right?”

Me is sitting on the floor with his back on the cold radiator. His face downtrodden and his eyes full of nothing but fear and anger at Myself. “They haven’t left yet -”

“Ha!” Myself sits up straight and turns to face Me, legs crossed like I. “That’s just it – yet! It’s only a matter of time.” He places his hand on my shoulder with a tight grip, leaning in to whisper into my ear. A whisper full of cruel relish. “You. Are. Nothing.” The devil chuckled as if he had just heard the best joke in his entire life. “You will leave for university, but it won’t really be you leaving them. They will be the ones walking away from you. And why? Simple – they mean a lot more to you than you do them.”

Me shot up of the ground frustrated, pouncing onto Myself, pinning him against the wall with his forearm. Myself choked, coughing and spluttering. The wall was now red where his head hit the white wall, his lips turning blue and his eyes bulging.

“That’s not true!” roared Me. “It-i-it can’t be…” his voice was now weaker. “They do care about I, they have to.”

A twisted smile still managed to from on Myself’s demonic face, his eyes somewhat impish and full of pure unadulterated menace.

“Enough,” I proclaimed. And so there I lay in bed, looking up at the ceiling at two in the morning.

Laying there, just thinking about life alone.

Just Me, Myself and I – nothing and no one else.