A Paradigm of Questions


If I disappeared today, you would not notice.

If I disappeared yesterday, you would not have cared.

I disappear tomorrow, your life not change.

Whether I stay or I go, you will be fine.

I’ll be a bit of dust in the wind, gone forever.

You will be okay.

Because I will be gone,

and that is probably what is best for you.


If I was lost, you would not find me.

You would not even go looking for me.

And if I left willingly? – God forbid I see you again,

because how outrageous would that be?

To see someone that I care about again – how rude!


Did you even notice me whilst I was here?

Did you listen rather than just hear me?

Did you see me instead of just looking?

Did you hug me or take my hand

instead of shrugging a casual Hi… at me in

the school hallway?

Were we ever really friends?


Did I change your life,

by even a fraction,

whilst you changed mine entirely?

Or was I just there to fill up a bit of temporary left over space?

Am I not needed anymo- who am I fucking kidding? –

I was never really needed..

I was a leaf blowing in the wind.

You picked me up off the ground…and

then you let me go…




found something better – I’ve heard and seen it all!

Just at least give me the goodbye that I deserve,

do not pretend that even though it meant

nothing to you,

that it also meant nothing to me.


Because to me –

it mean everything.