Well, honestly to be quite frank, I find the process to rather be a bitch.

Look at it this way, who wants to be told that they should change something abut a piece of work that they have put all of their blood, sweat and tears into? Who wants to have to change a piece of work after having spent a long period of time slaving away in an attempt to just complete a first draft? Who the Hell wants to do more than ONE draft?

I mean, I get it, I really do – swear to Lucifer, I do. However, is it just me or does anybody else find it mind numbingly tedious to have to proofread your own work? Okay, to be honest the main issue is that I eventually become so sick of what I’m writing I don’t want to check it for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Moreover, I then realise how shit I am at writing that I want to edit one thing, which then ends up having to have the WHOLE thing edited.

Why do I want to go through that pain?

To improve my work, that’s why. I just don’t want to have to be the person to do it.

I mean, I don’t mind getting feedback on work – just take it on the shoulder. But then there are some comments you can’t help but take on the chest, it happens even if it’s meant to be “constructive” (BULLSHIT! – occasionally).

Really all there is to say is that it is a torture, but it is also a necessity to make a writer’s work better. Not only for a writer but for anybody of any profession at all really. Cancel out the negatives, and look at them as improvements that have to be made. Try them – if they don’t fit then scrap them and keep it how you believe it should be kept. Just keep an open mind. And good luck.