Hello, Dear Friend,

How are you today?

Too long it has been,

many a sun set passed from where we began

on that breezy Summer’s day,

chatting on the park bench.


In loving memory there I sat yesterday upon the sun’s not-so-shining,

with Roy John  Thornton from 1984 to 1999 by my side,

thinking of the good times and the bad

as a mouse scurried by and was picked up by a disdainful crow.


We have lived,

we have laughed, smiled, enjoyed our


But now that time is done, our hour is up.

And now it’s time to say farewell.


A tiger who steals the lion’s hunt,

the valued memories are now gone.


It got to the point I cared too much…

and you too little.

You took the dagger and with its edge struck me in my withering heart.

Yet in my grief, I fell guilt –

and within that guilt I feel that I scared you,

so you ran – abandoned me.

When I needed you most, you left me.


We had good times, but, now those times

have gone.

Our story had ended – a new one just beginning.

One with no us, or we, or our.


Goodbye, Old Friend,

I lost you, and in reality – deny it if you want –

you lost me, disappointed me, too.

It was nice knowing you.