Here I sit at the back of the room,

A crowd of people before me chortle and bond.

And I am here alone.

At the front of the room there sits they.


A friend who ran away,one whom I lost (and with good reason, too, may I add),

One whose smile is a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds on a grey Autumn’s day.

Another a bitch who is one of the cruellest devils I have had the displeasure of meeting.


A boy who I don’t really know from within but only upon his surface,

The smile and the occasional polite Hi in the school corridors.

Another girl that radiates tranquillity and happiness within a spiritual bliss.


And then there is another boy,

Probably my closest friend, the only one who would not run (for now, at least).

Yet, I am back here.




Sitting here abandoned.


I am a secluded dark island,

Drowned in by an ocean of happiness but I am unable to feel the joy.

I feel despair and a never ending Winter’s darkness.


I am with no one.

I am nobody here,

Here, at the back of the room.