Dear David,

When you need me,
Just call me,
I’m only ever one call away.

I am not always here,
But I will always be there.

You feel like you’re drowning in a box,
I’ll do all I can,
Bust it open,
Reach out and try save you.

You may stumble,
And so may I.

I may not always be there right away,
But I won’t let you get away.

I’m here for you, David,
Sometimes I’m afraid.
It may have to be in spirit and not awake.

I’ll run…
To be the one…
To have made sure you won.

I wish I could fight it for you,
But, alas, I cannot,
And that makes me cry.

You are brave,
You are special,
You are my friend,
And I do not want you to end.

There will be days when you feel there’s no hope,
Spiteful and vexed storms which brew in a cloud above your head,
I will try help you blow them away.

This is a letter to a friend,
No – a letter to MY friend,
My best friend, David.

There’s not much I can,
Apart from try be there for you.

As hard as it may be,
I will try pick you up when you fall.

I wish I could always “do”,
Rather than always “try”,
But I may not always be able to keep that promise.

But I will keep this one, David Rodrigues,
I am a shoulder to cry on when it’s all too much,
A wall to lean on when you need support,
A hand to hold in the dark,
Arms to carry you when you fall,
Eyes to see the beauty in the tempest in your mind’s eye,
A heart to beat when you lose hope – I’ll do it for the both of us.

My tears stain the page as I write this, David,
For if I lose you, what hope do I have?
You are my hope.
You are my inspiration.
The candle in the dark,
The light at the end of the tunnel of perpetual darkness.

Yes, we have only been friends for a very short while,
But never have I become closer to anybody so quickly as you,
Never have I had a friend that has meant so much in so little time.

You may hate this,
Or you may love it.
Either way I’m here to stay.

Wherever life takes you,
Wherever life takes me,
I’ll come find you,
Or come find me.
We will never be too faraway apart.
No matter what, not from each other.

Hold on to this, David,
Never forget it,
The word of a madman in his own little blue box.
I’m not saying I can fully understand –
What your box is like,
Mine itself is no picnic, but it’s nothing compared to yours,
But let me be the light to your darkness until you find a stronger flame.

Let me try calm the waves in your mind,
Dry your tears,
Clean your wounds,
Embrace you when you need warmth in the frozen wind.

I won’t let the wind and waves drown out your voice,
I won’t let darkness consume your soul,
Or at least I will try to not let it do so.

David Rodrigues.
What else can I say, my dear friend?


I wish I could only promise to be able to do more,
Ultimately to save your pure soul from an impure fall.