They don’t think I see,

They don’t think I know,

They don’t think I know what they know.


They don’t know I see what they see,

What they know I know,

What they hear when I am in their ear.


They shun me and burn me,

Pull of my wings and swat at me,

How foolish to harm little old me.


Insignificant, am I?

Well I’ll show them,

Little did they know the fly on the wall knows best.


Here, come, swat me again!

I know the truth and have the proof,

Please, I pray, gamble away…


Now I will shun you and burn you,

Pull of you wings!

That’s what you get for trying to hide things.


I’m a fly on the wall,

Come snicker at me if you dare,

Come and snare.


Fight me,

If you dare.