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I stood among the jagged rocks. The darkness surrounded me and one misstep on those icy rocks may have ended in impalement. All I had to do to avoid such a slip was stand perfectly still and look at the sky. I was barefoot yet the frost did not bite. All I wore was a white robe and nothing underneath.

I could see nothing. Nothing apart from a faint glowing light shrouded behind a large cloud on the starless sky. Death’s breath blew in the wind like the touch of an icy specter upon my neck causing all the airs on my body to stand on edge like a soft cruel kiss from an unwanted lover. Powerless there I stood as if waiting for a storm to pass.

Slowly, the clouds parted and pure white light of divinity shone down from Heaven. Light filled the large open space and the moon seemed brighter than the sun in the dark sky. Large, sloping snow-capped mountains filled the skyline as a stairway to Olympus. The snow sparkled like diamonds in the dazzling moonlight.

A layer of wispy fog curled and rose releasing what I came for – the Midnight Lake. The frost-bitten lake seemed to stretch further than all the oceans of the world put together. An endless deepness to the  Midnight Lake was created by its perfect mirror surface as the frost seemed to melt away. The perfect stillness created the illusion of a glass surface.

Slowly, I climbed down from the rocks with no fear of slipping. My left foot touched the cold water – it was not freezing, it was bearable. Then my right foot. I carried on walking yet I did not sink in to the lake, not yet anyway.

Grandly, the reflection of the moon began to ripple as I closed down upon the middle of the lake. The ripples caused an intricate waltz of light on the lake’s surface circling me. I let the robe open and slip of my body and at once it floated upon the surface of the lake and half sunk. I entered the reflection of the moon and my body began to shine brighter than the snow-capped mountains.

I became the cold, the ice, the snow, the breeze. I became the light and relief filled my core as my body began to melt away into the lake. I let out one last breath which I watched curl and drift off towards the moon, a gateway to the Heavens.

The Midnight Lake had set me free.