16th September 2015.

Morgan thrust Merlin up into the air and throwing him to the wall across to the other side of the room.

“What now, Merlin?” Morgan giggled.

Jackson coming in from behind shot an electrical pulse at Morgan’s back causing her to spasm, flinging her into a wall. Merlin, in the disturbance of Morgan’s magic shot to his feet but collapsed and leaned himself up against the wall. Merlin snapped his fingers and his staff appeared in his hand.

“You are a fool, Morgan,” Merlin said, ” the spell did not just bring everything in this room to life. It brought everything in the whole tower to life, especially one statue.”

There was a thud, shaking the room. It came from above. THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! They echoed all over the room. A blazing fire appeared in the ceiling and the wood burnt to ash, the heat so intense, so impossible.

“You have got to be kidding me!” Jackson cried, the impossibilities of recent events being too much to handle.

“I don’t understand, what is it, Jackson?” Raven stood to his sighed, a quizzical look in her eyes.

“Oh, you stupid, stupid girl!” Morgan’s eyes were full of bitter disappointment. “Have I taught you nothing?”

A loud groaning sound came from above and two glowing red eyes shined through the smoke as it began to clear.

“Dragon…” Jackson let out in a whisper, his stomach in his throat. Out of the darkness sharp claws of steel swung down and grabbed Jackson and pulled him up, not even giving him a moment to scream or wriggle his way to freedom.

“Jackson!” Rave called, her voice trembling.

All eyes were on the hole in the ceiling. Silence, a burst of flames and the sound of a stonewall being blown apart. A thunderous sound of swishing and flapping began with a great wind.

“Woo-hoo!” Jackson screamed in excitement. He flew upon the creatures back with a rush of the cool night air blowing in his air. “Raven!”

Raven gave a look to Morgan, her dark eyes glistening with a reason to pounce – not that she ever waited for one before. Raven tore her gaze away and ran to the hole in the wall.

The dragon was made of different pieces of armour, large webbed wings, glowing eyes made of rubies. It’s stomach see through, full of golden coins, and one rather large ruby all swinging as the dragon shook, but not falling to the ground as if kept in by an invisible wall.

Jackson sat upon the dragon’s long twisting neck, hair all swept back by the wind, looking suave in his leather jacket now wearing  pair of mirror shades.

“Where did you get the shades?” Raven asked trying not to blush.

“The weather here can be ever so unpredictable, I always keep two spare with me.” He threw her a pair. “Feel like flying and slaying a basilisk?”

“I thought that you’d never ask!” Raven ran and jumped on the back of thee dragon, Jackson catching her as she landed. She took hold of his shoulders and the dragon swept upwards.

The gigantic suit of armour held a large sword and swung it at the black snake. It cut the snake, green venom flowing out of it’s cuts. The venom fell to the ground and burnt through the grass.The cuts on it’s scaly skin healed at once.

The creature opened it’s large maw and shot it’s head forward, baring it’s large white fangs into the suit of armour’s neck and ripping off it’s helmet and throwing it to the other side of the courtyard, melting in the venom and sizzling with a scorching heat.

“Take my pendant, Raven!” Jackson said.

Raven unhooked the pendant from around his neck and took it in her hand. “Now,” Jackson continued, “like when you will yourself to turn into a Raven, the pendant has the capability of turning into a powerful weapon. Will it to be so.”

Raven gripped onto the pendant tightly. She thought of her and Jackson transforming together. She used the same will from then now, and surely the pendant grew into a long shining blade engraved with ancient ruins, a bejewelled hilt now in Raven’s firm grasp.

On the ground, the guards and army of the dead began to attack the basilisk. It’s tail swung some of the corpses and skeletons to the side, it’s deadly green glare looking down. Jackson and Raven were horrified at the grotesque image before them. The guards below turned to stone in an instant and slowly crumbled to ash one speck at a time.

“Pass me the sword!” called Jackson.

He took the sword in hand and guided the dragon towards the reptile. The snake came in for a bite and the dragon swooped to the left turning it’s whole body upside down and the right way up again. Their shades dropped down to the ground. Passing by the snake’s glare the dragon breathed fire into it’s eyes. The snake shrieked with pain creating a smell of burning licorice, venom and flesh.

As the snake twisted and contorted, writhing in pain and agony, the disorientation was perfect timing. They lunged forward and Jackson swung his blade. With a gleam of white light the head of the snake fell to the ground along with it’s body, turning into stone followed by a pile of dust.

“NO!” Morgan screamed from the hole in the wall. “ENOUGH OF THIS!”

Jackson’s face lost all colour and went as white as a ghost. There stood the Witch, Merlin’s staff in her hand. a green light grew at the top of the staff and a beam hit the dragon, solidifying the statue once more. The light in it’s eyes faded away and it struggled to breathe fire, then it froze and dropped down out of the sky.

Raven’s grip grew tighter around Jackson as they screamed going down. Raven focused and Jackson began kicking as he found himself still in the air and the dragon still falling.

“Jackson,” Raven said, “it’s okay. I’ve got you!”

Jackson looked up and saw Raven with a large pair of black raven wings on her back keeping them aloft. All, Jackson thought, that was missing was a halo around her head.

The dragon hit the ground and burst into pieces. There was a bright shining red light from below. There was a moment of silence, it was strange. The light seemed to beckon them forward, yet also tell them to runaway. Smothered whispering could be herd around them.

Raven flew down as she noticed Morgan do the same without wings. All three reached the ground together.

“Where’s Merlin?” Jackson asked without worry in his voice.

“Dead I wish, but probably just unconscious. Don’t worry I’ll kill him later…” Morgan’s voice trailed off, a tear appearing in her eyes. “It was in the statue the whole time, the belly of the beast. Of course it was, Merlin loves a good riddle.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Raven.

“Pendragon, all in the name. It was the dragon’s heart, his-their heart.”

“What was?” Jackson said.

Morgan bent down and kicked away some of the gold coins and armour, leading her to the source of the light.

Raven’s stomach dropped. “The Dragon Heartstone.”

Morgan picked it up and held it up to the sky. “Finally,” she sighed with relief, “after all this time.”

“Morgan,” croaked Merlin appearing before them in a bolt of lightning. He dropped to the ground.

Morgan let it go and it floated before Jackson in the air. He knew what he need to do, the hum of his sword growing ever stronger.

“Jackson, NO!” Merlin shouted.

Jackson swung his sword at the the stone and the stone was cut in half, broken. The Dragon Heartstone was dead, it’s destiny complete.