16th September 2015.

The two friends ran along the battlements. Below them the army of the dead began to rise – ghouls, corpses, skeletons and spirits rose from the ground.

“That is one hell of a security system,” Raven said.

“Come on,” Jackson said taking Raven’s hand and running down the steps.

Archers took their place along the battlements along with some of Cullingham’s security guards, a tight grip on their machine guns.

Jackson’s crystal began to vibrate and a full image of Merlin appeared before him. “I’m with the Heartstone, keep watch outside.” The image disappeared.

The two looked at each other not knowing what to do or where to start. Then came a howling as the wind began to pick up and they looked towards the starless dark sky. A ball of white light soared through the sky and began its descent towards the White Tower. “Morgan,” cried Jackson and Raven in unison.

Jackson took Raven’s  hand and pulled her towards the wooden staircase leading up to the Tower’s entrance. Their feet beat loudly upon the wooden steps and their legs burned with the furiosity at which they were running up the staircase. Jackson turned to the left to see the archers and guards point their bow and arrows and guns towards Morgan. They fired but all the arrows and bullets burnt up and melted when it came in contact with the hot white light.

“Duck!” shouted Raven pulling Jackson down.

Morgan’s ball of light began to gleam red as she burst through the wall of the Tower sending a cascade of dust and pieces of stone flying down upon the courtyard and destroying the top of the staircase.

“Fan-bloody-tastic! Now how are we going to get up there!” Jackson punched the wooden banister.

A spark then went off in Raven’s head. “Jackson,” Raven enquired, “can you fly?”

“No…” Jackson said, noticing the wild look in Raven’s eyes.

“Time you flew then.” Raven took Jackson’s hand and focused her energies. With her will she pushed to Jackson her power of transformations. In a blink of an eye both turned into ravens sharing one mind. With this Raven moved and Jackson mimicked her and together they flew up through the hole in the Tower’s wall.

Jackson felt the freedom Raven felt when she flew and the butterflies in her stomach. They entered the Tower and morphed back into shape.

“Okay, where are they?” Raven asked. She turned to a silent Jackson, his lips still a little parted and his eyes with a gleam of longing. “Jackson?”

It was as if they still shared one mind, one heart beating in perfect synchronous with the other. Their palms a little sweaty and they both pulled in, Jackson to the right and Raven to the left. Their lips met and kissed, eyes closed. A burst of colours and tingling created a dance of hope, happiness and love – two souls intertwined in a dance beneath fireworks of stars bursting in a black sky.

They parted and looked into each others eyes.

“This way,” Jackson whispered, breath taken away. His lips left with a tremor, a small aftershock.

Raven the same.

The moment was then taken away when they entered a room where Morgan and Merlin threw blazing balls of fire at each other.

Jackson acted at once taking the pendant from around his neck and forming a strong heat in his hand caused it to smoke. He threw it upon the ground and smoke filled the Tower. The smoke then all came together and sucked itself into the pendant which flew back into Jackson’s hand.

Morgan cackled, “What did you expect that to do? Choke me?”

“No,” Merlin said. “Just this.”

At once all of the suits of armour broke through their glass casings. They surrounded Morgan in a circle pointing spears, swords, axes and maces at her neck.

“Is that mean to scare me, Merlin? Disappointing, just like you, Raven.” Morgan looked at Jackson. “Although, it’s just in time for the for my basilisk.”

Jackson ran to the hole in the wall and looked down to the grass below. The ground ruptured and a sleek black scaly snake shot out up of the ground, it’s head flying right up above Jackson, halfway up the Tower.

“Jackson! Don’t look at it!” Raven roped her fingers around his eyes and pulled him with all her strength back into thee Tower.

The army of suit of armours  charged past them and jumped out of the hole breaking into a mountain of metal pieces. At once they began to vibrate and all come together as one large suit of armour three-quarters of the size of the basilisk.

“Don’t look into its eyes, Jackson,” Raven said. “One look and you’re dead.”

“Now, now, Merlin,” Morgan called.

The two friends re-entered the room and saw Merlin pinned up against a wall by an invisible force, Morgan’s hand extended as if strangling him.

“Where-,” she continued, “is-the-Dragon Heartstone?” The impatience in her tone was clearly growing stronger by the second as she tapped her heel upon the floor like a raging stampede of horse hooves.