“Night-night, darling.” Her voice echoes in the darkness, she steps away with the door closing behind her. TAP-TAP-tap-tap…

My eyes move from side to side following the beat of the clock – tick-tcok, tick-tock, tick-tock. Side to side they move noticing the shadows  – BUT, NO, NOT THERE! Thunder roars across the sky and a flash of light enters the room from the window. Claws appear upon the walls and half a second later disappear.

A loud groaning, creaking sound causes my heart to jump into my throat. I curl up deep in the covers and hug Mr. Bear. I whimper into his soft neck and hug him so tight I think I may suffocate him.

FLASH! The claws have reached it. The closet…no not there. Then came a howling and the door seemed to grow larger and larger. The groaning began again, the monsters were coming.



Coming to get to me…