16th September 2015.

Merlin sat at the round table. He stared into a hologram of of his creation of the Dragon Heartstone. The door behind him opened.

“Jackson Hardacre and Raven Blackbeak,” said Merlin. He rose from his chair and turned towards the pair. “Jackson, why don’t you introduce me to your new friend?”

“Umm…” Jackson began.

“Raven Blackbeak?” Merlin interrupted. “The Witch’s Familiar.”

“Lord Ambrosious, I come with information that could save Albion. If you only listen to my plea…” Raven was nervous and speaking fast.

“Listen?” Merlin asked. “Just because my Apprentice was foolish enough to trust you, does not mean I am, girl.”

Jackson began to turn hot red with anger, “NO!” Merlin was stunned, Jackson continued, “Merlin, for once just listen. Raven has a debt to Morgan, once she has been paying for centuries and now it’s time for her to be let go of it. It’s also time for me to be let go of my debt to you.”

“Jackson, Morgan has an influence on this girl.”

“No,” Raven squeaked, “she doesn’t. I have seen her terrorise the lives of many over the years and now it is time for it to stop.”

“And,” Jackson stared right into Merlin’s hard glare, trying not to be intimidated by it, “it’s time for you to repay your debt to me. Morgan LaFey killed my only family because my father happened to be your Apprentice. No more, Merlin, no more.”

There was the sound of heavy panting as Edward Cullingham entered the room. “The sun has set.” He took a couple of deep, heathing breaths. “She’s here! We must protect the Dragon Heartstone. Emergency plan Delta-Alpha-9.” Edward then noticed Raven and took put his gun, pointing it at her face.

Raven let out a small whimper.

Jackson infuriated focused on the gun, using the heat from Edward’s hand wrapped around it and increasing it. “Ah!£ Edward dropped the gun and began shaking his  hand in the air. “What the bloody hell, Jackson!”

“She can be trusted!”

“We have no time for this.” Merlin stared at the girl then back to Jackson. “Go. You know the plan, stop Morgan at all costs. If I find out this girl has betrayed us, she shall pay.” Raven had a scared look in her eye. “Let’s hope, Mr. Hardacre, that you have made a real friend, rather than an enemy.”