16th September 2015.

“No!” Morgan gazed into her crystal ball with fuming hatred. There sat Raven Blackbeak, her Familiar cavorting with the enemy – Jackson Hardacre, Merlin’s Apprentice.

There was a hollow pit left in her stomach, a darkness brewing stronger than ever. Merlin had betrayed her once and killed her son. It was time for her to avenge him, help Mordred fulfil his destiny as the rightful ruler of Albion. Morgan remembered the day the only thing she loved in the world was snatched from her grip.

A tear fell from her eye and down her cheek. Morgan did not notice, instead she was focusing on her crystal ball, the image of which was changing.

A stormy night. Mordred had slayed Arthur Pendragon in their last match, yet Mordred had suffered a fatal injury from Arthur’s sword. It was said a wound from Excalibur could never be healed, and so the sufferers fate always ended in death. Morgan could not accept this fate for her only boy, they had worked too hard. On that dreaded night Morgan reached into the fiery pits of Hell and called upon the powers of Satan. Her magic was working, so close.

Morgan, so taken aback, jumped as there was a burst of lightning in the image. Merlin had found her lair in the cliffs, his eyes as hot and red as Hell fire. Mordred lay on a stone alter, and as Morgan was just finishing battling with the magic of Heaven, Merlin began to chant. Far more powerful than her, far more powerful than she ever was. Her very Essence, her soul, began to leave her mouth as black smoke from her mouth – choking on her own diabolical breath. As this happened Morgan clutched her throat with one hand and with the other tried to stop Merlin, but she was on her knees. Merlin reached Mordred and with a dagger fashioned from Excalibur’s blade tore into Mordred’s chest and ripped out his heart.

A man of valour, reduced to nothing. Morgan saw it as her greatest accomplishment, it just came at too great a price. Morgan was able to stop Merlin’s curse and collapsed to the ground able to breathe, unable to move. Then Merlin created the Dragon Heartstone – a spell full of both dark and light magic. With Mordred’s heart he called upon lightning which hit the sea outside the cave below the cliffs. The sea began to rotate and created a whirlpool at the bottom of which Hell opened it’s gates. A torrent of Hell fire rose up to the cliff and consumed Mordred’s heart which now levitated above Merlin’s hand.

The fire returned to its pit and the sea returned to beating the cliffs in the storm. Levitating above Merlin’s hand was a smooth black stone. From a pouch on his waist Merlin took out another heart. Morgan could smell who’s heart it was – Arthur Pendragon. From her spot on the ground, Morgan watched as Merlin took Arthur’s heart and lifted it up to the Heaven’s. A bolt of lightning hit the heart and left behind a smooth white stone, identical to Mordred’s (all apart from the colour).  With a stone in each hand Merlin began to chant and hit both stones together. A shock wave was released and the cave was filled with a red glow as a beautiful ruby was created – the Dragon Heartstone.

“It was always said Arthur would fall.” Merlin spoke slowly, wanting Morgan to catch every syllable, “The Once and Future King of Albion, to return in the time of Albion’s greatest threat.”

Morgan sputtered and coughed, “But…your creation – it – it works two ways, it has to. You have dabbled with the powers of Heaven and Hell, two things never meant to have touched. The very reason Lucifer himself was expelled to Hell. In order for your King to live, mine – his greatest enemy – must also have that chance.” Morgan picked up the top half of her body and even in her weakened state, Morgan smiled up at Merlin. “Morgan LaFey shall rise again, Merlin, and until then you shall pay for all you have done!”

“It is true Mordred must have a chance, but I will not let his resurrection take place. I done what I had to for the greater good, Morgan. I have stripped you off your magic.”

“For now, old man. I will wait centuries if I have to, but I shall regain all my powers once more and once I have -” she paused. “You shall fall.” Morgan began to cackle wickedly as Merlin was taken away by yet another bolt of lightning.

From that day onward, Morgan LaFey killed each and every one of Merlin’s Apprentice’s. With each kill she took their powers and after a few centuries regained her full strength and more. In that dark loneliness she thought she had found a daughter in Raven Blackbeak – a Queen for her Mordred in his return.

Morgan snapped out of her trance picked up the crystal ball and threw it at the jagged, cold stone wall. The ball shattered into millions of tiny pieces. It was time for Merlin to fall. Mordred would rise – tonight!