16th September 2015.

“It’s nice to meet you, Raven.” Cautiously Jackson shook her hand, wondering how such a beautiful girl on the outside could potentially be the ugliest being in existence.

“I was also sent to kill you.”

Jackson could sense the guilt in Raven’s eyes, the slight tremble in her voice, the small glimmering layer of sweat on her upper lip. “Since we’re being honest I am also meant to kill you.”

“Well, here’s your chance.”


“What is?” Raven’s face seemed contorted and perplexed.

“You don’t seem the type of girl to not fight back being a Familiar so the most evil and diabolical Witch of all time.”

Raven chuckled. “Equally as strange as working for a crazy old man.”

“Fair enough.”

“So were you just talking to your parents?”

Jackson sat back down. Raven sat by him. He took a breath, “It’s like when you feel alone and need somebody to talk to. Some people go online, I talk to my dead parents in a special place. They were actors here and after they died their show was cancelled. I used to come here with them all the time, always watch the show back stage. I was never alone here.”

A tear fell from Jackson’s eye and Raven in attempt to console him took his hand and held it.

“So, Raven, what’s your story?”

For the first time in forever, Raven had finally found someone she could talk to, someone who could understand her pain.

“The plague had hit. We lived in a small hamlet my sister, my mother and I. Tiny little cottage – and then one day they died. Over night. It took the both of them, nothing I could do to help them.” Raven shuddered. “Then came Morgan. The villagers wanted to contain the disease and so went to burn the house down. I was inside, they couldn’t risk the epidemic. Morgan saved me from the fire. My lungs had filled with smoke and I couldn’t breathe, but she took out the smoke.”

“From then on you were her Familiar?” Jackson asked.

“I owed her a debt, soul seemed to pay it. Like when Merlin took you in, you became his Apprentice.”

“Not that it was really a choice,” Jackson let out a painful chuckle. “He came to the hospital – the guardianship papers already filled out. My parent had apparently prepared for the worst.”

Raven cast her mind back to what Morgan had told her – “Jackson, do you know how it happened? Your parents death?”

“Yeah, it was a rainy night, one of the tires burst and they were on a bridge. The car plummeted into the Thames.” Jackson sensed something in Raven’s eyes. “Raven? What do you know?”

“Oh, Jackson.” Raven sobbed, “I’m so,so sorry. Morgan, she was there that night, she killed them.”

“What?” Jackson didn’t want to believe what he was hearing, yet he knew Raven wasn’t lying. “It all makes sense now. The police found no reason for the tyre damage, and weather conditions were not so terrible. The road was well lit. For ages now I’ve thought of every detail a reason for what may have happened and now I know.”

“Jackson she plans to make her move tonight.”

“Then help me, you can finally be released of your debt to Morgan and mine to my parents and Merlin.”

“Then let’s make a plan.” Raven smiled at Jackson who was now happy at the thought of closure.